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Manage The Time To Water Your Plants Regularly – Buy Our Tap Timer 

Gardens need regular watering, and sometimes you may not be at home, and there would be no one to do this for you. The garden can become dry and look unhealthy, but you are in the right place because we have a solution. At Pay Later shop, you can find a water timer to install with your sprinklers and control the garden watering. Garden Tap timer manage the number of levels in your lawn. With the assistance of this device, you can take care of your lawn even in your absence. 


The water timer is handy and has a digital display. It makes use of technology so you can operate it through your smartphone, tablet or desktop. The settings are easy to understand, so you do not need any professional guidance for them. 

You can use an irrigation timer in gardens, and farms as well, where you cannot give proper time to plants or crops so they can make your work easy. You can control watering time, the intervals of watering, and the rain sensors in some of the types help in water conservation because it detects the rain and stops working when there are natural showers.

 The tap timers also help prevent over-watering of the plants because they can sense water levels in the garden and stop working automatically. You must protect these tap timer from water because the contact may give a false reading. So place them at higher places like roofs or fences where water could not reach.

Need it now?

Are you in need of a tap timer now but do not have enough money? We have a solution for this as well. Choose Zippay as a payment method and pay for it later.