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Maintain Your Privacy – Buy our Room Divider

The room divider is approximately(in inches)79 W X118.5 H, extra tall and wide for larger space needs. We offer the best temporary walls. The room dividers block off sensitive areas of your room. Our room dividers is truly a quick and easy way to create temporary privacy in your personal spaces. 

This room divider available at Pay Later Shop does not need to be installed, and it is ready to use within minutes of opening the box. Our room dividers can be built with such substance. And sturdiness that they serve nearly the same function as interior partition walls. But it’s much easier to maneuver. The divider is only 24Lbs and can be easily folded up and moved.

Hand Crafted Durable Frame from Pay Later Shop

The hand-constructed privacy screen is of a high-quality pinewood frame, The solid wood frame for folding privacy screen, increasing the stability and practicability of the foldable room divider. 

Each panel consists of plant fibre woven in a diamond pattern over durable, kiln-dried wooden frames. The privacy screen features an open woven design, allowing some light. And air to pass through, letting in just enough light, all while being private. The wooden room divider is natural and pollution-free without applying any chemical spray or glue. These wooden room dividers feature an elegant smooth panel for a refined, airy look. 

Modern and Elegant Design

The wooden room divider from Pay Later Shop has a truly contemporary style to fit into your modern space. Use it as a decorative background or functional foldable room divider in your living room, study or place of business. Create an atmosphere that best suits you and your space,instantly turning single-use rooms into double spaces with separation and privacy. A foldable room dividers from Pay Later Shop can enhance the privacy and style of your home. A perfect option to give your space an elegant and classic look.