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Fitness Yoga Mats from Pay Later Shop 

Working out at home means you must have the home gym equipment so you can work out better without harming yourself by working out on the hard ground and keeping your floors safe from damage in case you lose your grip on your dumbbells. The fitness mat is made to be tough and perform various exercises like yoga, push-ups, martial arts, squats, crunchies and many others. So choose Pay Later Shop to buy your yoga mat online and have a healthy body at home without going out to the gym. 


There is a wide range of yoga mat for the customers at our store. The yoga mats are eco-friendly because of the nontoxic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)  foam used in making them. The cushioning gives protection against hard floors and puts less stress on your knees. The yoga mat is ideal for people with joint problems. They are made to be slip-free with a rubber surface so you can perform any exercise without fear of losing your balance and falling to the ground. There are different mats with different lengths and thicknesses which you can buy according to your preference. The yoga mats are water-resistant and washable to get rid of any dirt from them. The mats are foldable, which makes them portable. You can also get different colours on mats. 

About our services

We offer various services like buy now and pay later with our payment partners, who make easy interest-free installments for your purchase if you cannot pay at once. You can also get home gym equipment at discounted prices. So you can afford the fitness mat of better quality at less price. You can also get fast delivery for your product across Australia. So hurry up and place your order now.