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X-22 Cross Trainer


Buy Cross Trainer for Working Out at Home from Pay Later Shop

Working out is a dream for those who could not go out of their home to the gym. So they can order home gym equipment from Pay Later Shop at the most affordable price and enjoy working out and staying fit without leaving the comfort of the house. You can request a cross-trainer from our store that will help you to have a full-body exercise. So please choose from the options we have at our shop. You will get maximum results in the form of a healthy body. 


The elliptical cross trainer is made of a steel framework that is rustproof and gives the most durability. They have an armrest and a soft cushion seat to provide comfort to the user. The cross trainer has an LCD screen, which helps in monitoring the heart and pulse rate. The handlebars are adjustable. The seat is also flexible. So people of every size can use it comfortably. They come with dumbbells so that you can perform multiple exercises with one piece of equipment. The pedals and handles are made with rubber and slip-free material to give a better grip to the gymnast and avoid any accidents while using it. There is a load capacity in every elliptical cross trainer. So be very careful before placing your order.  Get a cross-trainer to have a whole-body workout without having to go out. 

Perks of shopping from Pay Later Shop

You can get a detailed description of all the cross trainers and decide according to your pocket size and your workout requirements. It is the best gym equipment that you can use for your body’s fitness at an affordable price from Pay Later Shop. If you do not have enough money, you can also buy now and pay later shop because of our partnership with payment companies that allow you to pay through easy and interest-free installments.