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Get a Fly Fan from Pay Later Shop for flies free trip

Wherever you go camping, you might come across a storm of flies and mosquitoes that are always buzzing around you, especially when there is food around you. It is essential to keep them away because they can infect your food and cause harm to your health. Many insect repellents you can use, but most of them contain chemicals that can contaminate the air and food around you. So there is a simple and natural way that you can use to keep insects away from you. We offer fly fans at Pay Later Shop, which is eco-friendly.


A fly fan is a safe and environment-friendly fly repellent that is a compact, lightweight, and portable camping gear as well as can be used at your home too. A fly fan has soft blades that rotate continuously, which creates a wind effect in the surroundings, which keeps the flies, bugs, and mosquitoes from coming near you or your food. 

The soft blades are environment friendly and safe for your kids because they do no harm and stop by just a touch of a hand. It operates with a battery that is recharged through a USB port. The motor which runs inside the fly fan is noiseless, so it can silently keep the flies away and do not use any non-organic chemicals. They are built of high-quality material, which makes them durable and long-lasting. The fly fans are suitable for your picnics, living rooms, kitchen, bedroom, and anywhere you want so the flies do not come around you.

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