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165CM Boxing Punching Bag Free Standing

$580.99 $231.99
Work on your cardio, speed and accuracy with a punch bag that moves with you. Free-standing punch bags are popular

2 x Thai Boxing Punch Focus Gloves Kit Training Red & Black

$99.99 $39.99
Perfect your punching techniques with a pair of these rugged Thai boxing mitts! High quality Thai boxing mitts such like

2 x Thai Boxing Punch Focus Pad Mitts Training Hit Strike Shield

$192.99 $76.99
Bring versatility and flexibility to your kicking and punching routines!   Designed to bring the maximum intensity to your workouts,

25lb Double End Boxing Training Heavy Punching Bag

$183.99 $73.99
Our fantastic high-quality punching bag set will increase your endurance, strength and agility along with enhancing your overall fitness!  

30kg Heavy Duty Boxing Punching Bag Solid Filled

$330.99 $131.99
Take the fun part of the gym home! Combine your cardio session with a complete upper body workout. Try a

37kg Punching Bag Filled Heavy Duty

$402.99 $160.99
For boxing, for martial arts, or just for a terrific workout, the 37kg Punching Bag can deliver for you. All

70lb Red Heavy Bag Kit Punching Boxing Bag Gloves Hand Wraps

$433.99 $173.99
The women in your life can work out in the comfort of their home with this great heavy-duty punching bag.

Box Stand 2 Way

This boxing stand can help improve punching, speed and co-ordination, allowing users to practice and develop punching and kicking techniques.

Boxing Punching Bag Wall Pivot Rack

$258.99 $103.99
Perfect for the home, garage or gym, the Punching Bag Pivot Bracket is a great choice no matter your fitness

Children Punching Boxing Bag Set

$183.99 $73.99
Your Children will have hours of fun with this great kids’ size punching bag. While your kids are having fun

Floor to Ceiling Ball Boxing Punching Bag

$88.99 $35.99
The perfect workout partner that won”t talk back to you! Tone, strengthen and increase reflexes with this “floor to ceiling

Freestanding 37kg Punching Bag Filled Heavy Duty

$933.99 $373.99
Ready for a heavy-duty workout in the garage, outdoors, or anywhere else you need it? Welcome to the Freestanding Punch