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Buy the Footrest Now and Give A Break to Your Foot at Pay Later Shop

The footrest improves leg circulation with the adjustable massage surface. This device lifts and angles your legs, feet, knees, and ankles to a specific position to reduce stress on the body and improve back and neck pain while you sit at work or home. 

A slight swivel using a pouffe adds flexibility while you sit or massage your feet. The footrest can boost the back and leg comfort while sitting. You need to maintain the proper posture, and sitting position as these are the key to overall comfort. Ensure your legs and feet are positioned comfortably while you work or while sitting at home allows you to maintain overall comfort throughout the day. When you sit with the correct posture, you help your neck, back, feet overall comfort and wellness.

Tailored Foot Massage

Our footrest at Pay Later Shop is customized to the raised rounded pebbled textured surface as it is perfect for an instant bottom foot massage. Remove shoes and gently slide the bottoms of your feed across the textured surface for satisfying relief. And foot stimulation while at work or at home while sitting in your favourite chair. 

We provide a footrest for the under the desk at work that needs something to grip the floor, so it doesn’t slide everywhere. We have a range of under desks non-slip products. Flip over your footrest under the desk and place your feet on this side of the footrest for a gentle massage. Shop your desired item from our Pay Later Shop.

Comfort for all Ages

If you want to live young and healthy, start with proper posture and leg positioning guidance and teach healthy living and taking care of your feet, leading to overall wellness. When your legs and feet are happy, the rest of your body benefits. 

We are one of the best furniture stores, our comfy pouffe makes sure you have a comfortable evening. If you are confused about buying the right product, choose our furniture option.

The furniture lets you test the product before paying the total price and enjoy the furniture.