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EXER-58 Exercise Bike


Workout Indoors With An Exercise Bike

Cycling is healthy for the body because it helps you work out and lose weight and keep your muscles fit. But if you reside at a location where you can’t go out cycling and do not like to go out, we have various exercise bike at Pay Later Shop that is easy to use. We assist you in getting a perfect body at home with our home gym equipment.

Types of spin bikes

The spin bikes are available in two different styles: upright exercise bikes and indoor exercise bikes. The upright style has a seat placed at a higher position while paddling. This type is suitable for beginners because it helps to burn calories. The indoor cycle is like a normal cycle. The seat is placed relatively lower, so the cyclist has to bend down to workout. This type of spin bike is suitable for intense workouts. They differ in terms of the transmission type. There are manual exercise bikes and electric bikes. 

The manual type feels like riding a regular bike. It is cheaper than an electric one and has fewer features. It needs human power to run, and it is simple to use. But the electric bike is relatively expensive because it runs with electricity and has extra features like adjustable workout controls, intensity and speed controls, heart LCD, calorie monitor, etc. They are accommodating in keeping track of your workout progress. Buy an adequate exercise bike from us and organize your home gym equipment.

Payment method

You can make payments in cash, credit, debit card, and through Zippay. With Zippay, you can avail of any home gym equipment from our store and pay for it later.