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Adjustable Dumbbell Set – 30kgs


Buy Dumbbells for an easy workout at Home from Pay Later Shop

If you are an introvert or lazy enough to leave your house’s comfort and go out to the gym to make your body. You are at the right place because you can get home gym equipment from Pay Later Shop and make your gym at home. The dumbbells are the essential equipment for your workout that you must have to work on your arms, biceps, and triceps. Get your hands on dumbbells from our shop and start working out to have a healthy-looking body. 

Features and Specifications

The dumbbell set is made to have a comfortable workout session for the users. There are different sizes and weights in which are available according to the workout level you do. There are adjustable weight plates for multiple workouts. The size of the rods is different according to different uses. 

The plates are made of cast iron or ceramic with different weights. You can remove the plates and add more plates to your dumbbells when your weight lifting level improves. The dumbbells are made of smooth steel rods that give a sweat-free and firm grip without straining the hands and providing an easy workout. 

Benefits of buying from Pay Later Shop

Shopping from Pay Later Shop is a great experience that will never disappoint the customers. The customers can enjoy more than a 60% discount on dumbbell sets and other home gym equipment. The variety at Pay Later Shop have all the descriptions written below so you can order after making sure that it is fit to cope with your workout routine. 

We work with our payment partners to give you a buy now and pay later option. So you do not have to worry about insufficient money at the time of order because you can pay through interest-free, easy installments.